Xtrime White Nicotine Pouch Mixed Pack

The Xtrime White Mixed Pack allows you to enjoy all four flavours of the Extreme White Snus range, for a discounted price!

You can try the two minty flavours in Neuron Freeze and Arctic Mint, and both fruity flavours in Fruit Vibes and Lime Paradise. Extreme is like a younger cousin to Killa, with similar delicious flavours and the same nicotine hit. The only difference is that Extreme White comes at a weaker 16mg/g, compared to the 24mg/g of Killa.


Guess what?  It's time for another nicotine pouch review!  I know, I've reviewed so many of these.  And it seems like more and more come out every day.  I saw these on Snus and wanted to review them, mainly because I really like the can design.  These products are made by NGP Empire in Sweden, the same folks behind the Killa Nicotine Pouches.  Which is wild, because I wasn't the biggest fan of those, but these aren't too bad.  When it comes to this line, I weighed each can out at 15 grams.  I counted 20 portions per can, for 0.75g portions.  The total nicotine strength is 16.5mg/g, which breaks down to 12.38mg/portion.  In this review, I'll be covering four products, but so as not to get redundant, I'll cover what they have in common before we get into the individual reviews.


What they have in common:

Portion/Mouthfeel - All of these products have slim, soft portions that feel comfortable under the upper lip.  They also all seem to have a cooling presence to them.  

Nicotine Strength - The nicotine strength on all of these feels to be between the strong and extra strong level.

Flavor Longevity - They all seem to last between 35-40 minutes on average.  


That's what they have in common, which will make the reviews easier to go through.  In the reviews, I'll simply cover aroma and flavor, so let's get into it!


Xtrime: Neuron Freeze

Flavor Description:  "A delicious taste of icy peppermint."


This one has a heavy, major menthol aroma.  The flavor is very much the same.  It's a heavy, present taste of menthol.  There's a little sweetness to it, but it isn't overdone.


Xtrime: Lime Paradise

Flavor Description:  "A delicious taste of fresh lime."


When you open the can, a fresh, tart aroma of lime greets you.  There's a hint of mint, but it certainly isn't overdone.  The flavor is a naturally, tart flavor of lime.  It's a little sweet, and has a fresh component to it with the hint of mint I pick up.


Xtrime: Fruit Vibes

Flavor Description:  "A delicious taste of fresh fruit."


When you open the can, a fruity red berry smell greets you.  It's slightly tart, and not super sweet.  The flavor is very much the same.  There's a nice red berry taste.  Seems to be a little strawberry, a little raspberry.


Xtrime: Arctic Mint

Flavor Description:  "A delicious taste of ice-cold mint."


When you open the can, a sweet presence of peppermint greets you, along with a hint of spearmint.  The flavor is a sweeter mint flavor, and is pretty well balanced.  There's a little peppermint in the flavor profile, and a little spearmint!